Project Proposal

  1. 1.List of Resources: How To Build Your Own Underwater Robot, Google, Other DEEP projects, Boeing

2. Project Description:

Our topic, underwater engineering, involves the construction of an underwater robot that can successfully maneuver through water using five of the six cardinal directions (up, down, right, left, and forward) at our command. The design of the robot resembles the design of the Boeing CH-47 Chinook, with two propellers on top.

  1. 3.Drawing Diagram: See other page

  1. 4.Wiring Diagram: See other page

  1. 5.Shopping List:

2 motors + extras

1 servo + extras

1 Large-diameter PVC tube




2 Dimmer Switches + extras

Three-position switch + extra


2 Propellers + extras

Spare wood

Lead weight

6. Timeline:

3/29/2010: Flotsam Dive 1, Organize parts and make plan of how we put them together, work on website

3/31/2010: Learn about the math and science of scuba

4/14/2010: Flotsam Dive 2, Start robot’s wiring

4/16/2010: Work on robot’s wiring, Work on website

4/21/2010: Learn more about the math and science of scuba

4/23/2010: Flotsam Dive 3, Work on robot’s frame, Work on website

4/27/2010: Go on Long Beach Dive/ Experiment Day Field Trip, Bring and test robot

4/28/2010: Work on essays/ crunch numbers

5/5/2010: Make improvements on robot from what we learned at the field trip

5/12/2010: Flotsam Dive 4, Work on robot, Work on website

5/14/2010: Work on robot, Work on website

5/20/2010: Project due, Upload website, Plan presentation

5/25/2010: DEEP presentations

This was our original proposal for our project. It was based on the chinook design, with propellors and controllable rudder. As proved by the rest of the site, our design changed radically.