We made a submarine that can go up, down and turn to either side, as well as go straight. The submarine is made of birch wood in the shape of a B2 Spirit a.k.a. Stealth Bomber with a surfboard fin on top for optimum control and hydrodynamics. There will be two bilge pumps on the lower half of the submarine that connect to a control box operated out of water. The bilge pumps will also be the sole weight, and the way the submarine will rise and fall.

After we consulted with Mr. Harlan, we decided to change our design. This time, Mackenzie drew a rounded triangle with three bilge pumps and two fins, made out of hard plastic. Drake and Mackenzie then compromised and made our design resemble a B-2 Spirit. We comprised many different sketches, all based on a B-2 Spirit design with fins and bilge pumps. After we got our final sketch, we had to decide what materials to use. We were going to use a hard plastic, but then Mr. Harlan said it wasn’t a good idea because plastic was very hard to cut, and he suggested wood. We then finalized our design and started working.

The original design was drawn by Drake. His idea was to have a ballon insulated inside the submarine so it would be neutrally buoyant.