Title: The effect of the shape of the body and fins on different sea creatures on their underwater speed.

Problem Statement: Does the shape of the body and fins of sea creatures effect their underwater speed?

Hypothesis: For our hypothesis, we predicted that the dolphin would be the fastest, the shark would be the second fastest, the orca would be the third fastest and the puffer fish would be the slowest. We based our predictions on information from various sources from the Internet and magazines. We thought that our experiment’s results would reflect that of the real life sea creatures. We also looked at the shapes of the creatures and predicted what the impact would be in the water.  The hypothesis helped us shape an idea of how our project was going to occur.

Sea Creature

Predicted order

Shark 2

Dolphin 1

Orca Whale 3

Puffer Fish 4

Method and Materials:


1. Buy multiple different “species” of plastic animals

  1. 2.Make them all have the same underwater weight by attaching washers to them

  2. 3.Attach two eye-screws to one end of a 2 by 4 by 8 wooden plank.

  3. 4.Hook fish with fishing hooks and attach the fishing line to the hooks

  4. 5.Run fishing line through the Eye-screws in the wood plank

  5. 6.Attach a large weight to the other end of the fishing line

  6. 7.Hold the wood board over water and drop the weight

  7. 8.Time how long it takes for the toy creatures to reach the top

  8. 9.Run three trial

  9. 10. Detach fishing line from previous animal

  10. 11. Attach fishing line to next plastic sea creature

  11. 12. Repeat until every fish has been used


  1. Bullet Four plastic fish

  2. Bullet 2 by 4 by 8 wood plank

  3. Bullet Two eye screws

  4. Bullet Four fish hooks

  5. Bullet Ten metal washers

  6. Bullet 20ft of fishing line

  7. Bullet Pool

  8. Bullet Stop watch

  9. Bullet Weight (must be greater than the underwater weight of the plastic  fish)

  10. Bullet Scale

Conclusion: The shape of different sea creatures does affect their swim speed.

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