What is Archimedes’s Principle?


    Archimedes’ Principle equation is the weight of the fluid displaced is the volume of the immersed object in water. This is shown in the equation B=W.  B represents the buoyant force, and W represents the weight of the water that the object displaces.  This is because the density of water is 1 g/mL.  Therefore, for every mL the object displaced equals 1 gram inside of the object.

        For our sinking objects, we used the equation B=W. The density of water is 1 g/ml. The buoyant force on the object is equal to the weight of the volume of the displaced water. Because the volume equals the amount of water that the object displaces, that amount of force is on the object when it is in the water. For example, the bear, which sank, had a volume of 220 grams, had a buoyant force of 234.066 g/mL. Factoring in error, this is about equal to B=W.

    For floating objects, we used the equation W=B+M.This states that the buoyant force plus the mass is equal to the volume. The B represents buoyant force, the W represents volume of the object (or weight of the water displaced), and the M represents the mass of the object. The ducky had a buoyant force of 97.66 grams, and a mass of 57 grams. 97.66 plus 57 equals about 154.66 grams, and we calculated volume at 136.66 mL. Again, we were close to the equation W=B+M

A little more about Archimedes...

    Legend has it that Archimedes was asked by a king to determine whether a goldsmith had tricked him by telling him he had used the kings gold to make him a crown. The king had thought that the goldsmith had replaced some of the gold with a cheaper material and kept some gold for himself. Later that day when he stepped into the tub, Archimedes discovered that the water rose, leading him to realize this was how he could determine the materials of the crown. He then figured out that when an object is submersed in water, the water displaced is equal to the volume of the object. Archimedes put the king’s crown in the tub and discovered that the goldsmith did trick the king.

For Floating Objects

For Sinking Objects

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